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Dealers/Installers/ContractorsWe CAN NOT and WILL NOT discuss an inspection or corrective measures with retailers, consumers, installers, or other parties without express written permission of the manufacturer or the commissioning party.  This would result in conflict of interest & ethical concerns.  If you have disagreements with findings, you will need to call the commissioning party to discuss the issues at hand; we WILL NOT answer concerns or discuss this once we submit our report.  Due to our professional client confidentiality privileges, we can & WILL ONLY release a copy of the report to the commissioning party.

The Legal Side of Things

Once we are hired to represent a party, we can’t represent another party in an inspection or discuss things with them. This would include testifying in court due to conflict of interest. Since manufacturer’s claims rarely end in court for resolution, this is rarely an issue, but could be.

For consumers, dealers, attorneys, or other parties, if asked to perform depositions, expert witness services, our employment agreement must be signed & retainer paid in advance.  Failure to do this will result in no discussion of things until such time the agreement is signed & retainer is received.

Areas of Coverage

To the right is a map showing areas we normally cover on a route basis. Routes expand more than 325 miles out from our office. We do charge for mileage, tolls, motels (if necessary), & other travel related expenses. If we can perform the   inspection with others, we may split mileage costs.

We cover areas such as Georgia, West Virginia, Eastern Tennessee & parts of other states. I will travel anywhere in the lower 48 states, Alaska,  Hawaii, or most  places requested for the cost of inspection including travel fees & expenses.  We’ll try to give a 1 hour time frame for an inspection, but we can’t control  traffic conditions, weather, or construction.

Inspections will not be scheduled until a faxed or written request with requested information is made via e mail. This ensures a claim is commissioned & payment will be due on site by cash, money order, or check or the report will be sent C.O.D.; unfortunately we are unable to take any credit or debit card payments.