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What is a Floor Inspector?  How Can They Help Me?


Steven Johnston Inspections & Consulting

Professional, Prompt, Truthful, & Unbiased Inspections
(My integrity is NOT for sale


My role in an inspection is to:

·         Gather facts, history of the complaint, take pictures, measurements, moisture readings, & perform field tests

·         Get samples for lab testing if possible

·         Look for the specific causes of problems

·        NOT discuss inspection findings with any one other than commissioning party or give opinions on site

·         I ask questions to gather information; these are not to trick any party. 

I take the findings & evidence to my office & use industry standards, guidelines, & technical information to:


Prepare a comprehensive report providing:

  • Description of complaint/problem
  • Job site description/Product description
  • Claim/Maintenance History
  • Detailed description of problem
  • Field and/or lab test results (will require additional time & expense to have these performed)
  • Research applicable industry and/or manufacturer installation/maintenance standards
  • Find a conclusion based on collected data and field tests
  • Identification of responsible party


After the Inspection

  • I submit my findings, photos, & samples within 72 hours to the commissioning party ONLY!
  • Please don’t call me to ask questions, I am NOT at liberty to discuss the inspection with any other party.
  • Please do not call me to inform me of your disapproval or disagreement (I WILL terminate the call).
  • Please do not call to inform me that you have not received a copy of the report.
  • As an Inspector, I do not deny claims; I report information, gather evidence, field testing, & write a report.
  • I do not get involved in the politics of things once the inspection is complete & report is submitted.
  • Once I submit the floor inspection report, my work is completed as paid for initially; any further communication by any means will require additional payment in advance.
  • If you disagree with the report or findings, you may hire an inspector to perform an inspection at your expense.
  • Take things up with retailer or manufacturer after a second inspection is performed if the findings vary.
  • Arbitration, mediation, deposition, or litigation will require a signed employment agreement & prepaid retainer.


What Will Not Be Tolerated

  • I am NOT a “hired gun.”  My services WILL NOT & CAN NOT be bought to write a report that is not truthful or could not be defended in litigation if needed; PLEASE do not ask. 
  • Payment of cash does not reduce inspection fees, I will fill out an invoice & mark it paid in cash.
  • I will NOT violate ethics in the profession including committing fraud, lying, or tax evasion; PLEASE do not ask.
  • If a manufacturer hires me to perform an inspection, MY findings will be truthful & factual, EVEN if it means reporting there are issues with their product. 
  • My goal is to remain professional & courteous throughout this process. I do not act or speak unprofessionally, nor will I tolerate this from another party including use of profanity or threats. 
  • If the inspection gets to a hostile point, I reserve the right to ask the homeowner to ask a party to leave the site in order to perform the inspection; failure to do so may end the inspection after one warning. 
  • If a consumer gets hostile, uses profanity, or makes threats; without warning, I will terminate the inspection.
  • Please be truthful; answer questions if you can; if you can’t recall, then state such & I will report this as stated.
  • Giving false information is fraudulent & illegal & could lead to issues down the road in the process. We do not ask questions to trick you. We are gathering facts so be truthful.


  • I CAN NOT discuss an inspection with retailers, consumers, installers, or other parties without express written permission of a manufacturer or commissioning party to avoid conflict of interest or ethical concerns.
  • If you have disagreements with the findings, CONTACT the commissioning party to discuss these.
  • I WILL NOT answer concerns or discuss ANYTHING once I submit my report.
  • Due to professional client confidentiality privileges, I will release a copy of the report to the commissioning party ONLY to maintain client confidentiality privileges.
  • If express written permission is granted, then upon a signed agreement & payment in advance of fees, I may be hired to offer consulting/correction services.
  • I will not come back to a jobsite to help or perform repairs (outside of manufacturer request) unless my employment agreement is signed & payment made in advance prior to work beginning.